TM 'Sejahtera Remixed'
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Telekom Malaysia (TM)
As the one provider of most of Malaysia's telco infrastructure, TM is literally indispensable. It's also ...well, invisible. To remind citizens of its legacy of service in a timely and relevant manner, the brand naturally wanted to make an impact during the nation's 61st Merdeka.
UNITY AS AN ACT, NOT JUST AN ADWe turned a brief for a standard festive commercial into an interactive experience that physically brings people together. Our film was released in two parts. Each side showing only one half of the visual- and one half of the audio. To see AND hear the whole story, you have to put two phone screens together.And since our rendition of 'Sejahtera Malaysia' celebrates the country coming together in the post-election glow of May 2018, the song was sung in not one but 6 of Malaysia's most-spoken languages.