SK-II Bare Skin Chat
9. Craft Kancils [9.8 Music in Film Content]

Facial Treatment Essence
The SK-II team curated a number of pop-culture famous ambassadors to commercialise their star product, and holy grail of many - the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. These ambassadors were featured in a series of videos showcasing Pitera, the main ingredient of the essence. SK-II is known to be a luxurious product to own, so the challenge was to create a fun and quirky track the younger audience could relate to.
Using unexpected rhythms and quirky melodies, we created a catchy, iconic track that aimed to catch the attention of listeners immediately and leave them wanting more. Keeping each musical phrase short and punchy, we dramatised that sense of urgency. By incorporating unique instrumentation's such as mouth percussion's, chants, and modified vocals, we aimed to support the humorous theme portrayed by James Corden and the rest of the cast.