MILO & Malaysia
9. Craft Kancils [9.22a BM Copywriting, Content Writing & Scriptwriting: Single]

Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
MILO has always been synonymous with Malaysia. When at mamak stalls, we often order a variety of MILO drinks. When there are important sporting events, the beverage that is in hands of Malaysians are usually MILO. This Merdeka and Malaysia day, we wanted to show the meaningful connection between MILO and Malaysia.
The film brings Malaysians together through defining moments, highlighting the journey we've had with the brand since our independence. MILO's core brand purpose is about nourishing ambitions, and we wanted to tie these sentiments into a video that celebrates the achievements we have made as a nation. The film reflects on our journey as Malaysians, with clips of Independence Day, the union of East Malaysia, and defining sporting moments including the Thomas Cup, MSSM (the Malaysia Schools Sports Council) and SEA Games.