Volvo XC40 Whatsapp Test Drive
1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.4 Best use of interactive & dynamic content]

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Brief Test drives are the number one sales driver for all new cars. Yet, despite rave reviews, including the 2018 Car of the Year (source: the new XC40 was not getting the vital test drives it needed to drive sales, especially from the younger target market - who were booking just 42 drives per month (Source: Volvo Internal sales data Jan-Mar 2019) Brief: We were tasked to create a launch campaign that made the car relevant to the younger generation of Malaysians and push test drives of the new car.
Gamified Content We carefully selected two of Malaysia's most interesting young and credible creators to be the subject of the films - both told the story of their inspiration and their 'idea of Luxury. Beautifully shot films, with the twist that throughout both of the films were hidden 'easter egg' codes. If you could find a code, simply screenshot it and send it to the dedicated XC40 whats app number, allowing you to win a test drive. By making the test drive the 'prize' of the campaign, not just a step in the buying process, we positioned the test drive as exclusive and desirable, re-positioning the test drive as a 'prize' people would feel more compelled to redeem the 'reward'. The films were launched via a series of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook trailers that directed all viewers to a single point - a dedicated webpage hosted on the Volvo website.