HLB Deepavali: Appa's Cheeky Dancer
9. Craft Kancils [9.1a Film Direction: Single]

Financial Services
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
We needed to create a piece of Deepavali communication from HLB. The first in a long time. Tied to HLB's festive message of Seeding Dreams.
HLB was coming at this as an outsider brand. We needed to celebrate the Indian community without seeming condescending or overly familiar. One of the unique aspects of Indian traditional dance is its ability to tell stories. Learning this we crafted a film that used Bharatanatyam music, dance and light to tell an intergenerational story of a father and daughter resolving their differences and finding a way to move forward together. A film without dialogue meant that the story was recognisable no matter the audience's native language. The film was created in collaboration with traditional Indian choreographers and Indian musicians who were consulted for additional authenticity and storytelling insights, resulting in a film that was uniquely Indian and celebrated the community and its beauty, but understandable by all Malaysians.