6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.13 Kancil for Good: Digital Experience]

Xiao En
Xiao En
The country's first 'death fest'. Organic embalming fluids. Modern memorial parks. Xiao En has a long tradition of innovation in the business of death. But they also wanted people to know them as a brand that celebrates life. To further their philosophy of "Caring like family" they wanted a message that encouraged people to treasure the time they have with family.
Can a blink open eyes to how much time we spend with loved ones? We created an interactive mobile site that brought people face-to-face with the fickle nature of time. Throughout the spot, a father is seen reading a newspaper in the living room, but he ages decade by decade, with every blink. Every blink shortens the film. The immersive experience targets working adults and those who live away from their elderly parents - and builds on Xiao En's philosophy of caring for family, with every golden moment we get. While time flies in the blink of an eye, we still have every opportunity to cherish it.