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9. Craft Kancils [9.22a BM Copywriting, Content Writing & Scriptwriting: Single]

Marrybrown Sdn. Bhd.
MB has been around for 38 years and they have been serving western fast food with local delight as well. Their top selling product has been their chicken. However along the way, strong competitors have put MB in the background. Combined with MB's lack of promotion for their fried chicken, it has resulted in low awareness of their great tasting offering. The agency was tasked to position Marrybrown as not just a QSR that has a wide spread, but that is also known for its Fried Chicken.
The idea was simple. We know that Malaysians love their fried chicken. But what they truly appreciate is sinking their teeth into a crunchy exterior with a juicy finish and flavourful explosion in their mouth!