Ayat Siapa Lagi Power
1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.12 Creative Effectiveness: Film & Branded Content]

Carbonated Soft Drinks
Etika Sdn Bhd
During the Raya period, advertising to the Malay market is a big business, equivalent to America's Super Bowl. During this small window of opportunity, being outstanding becomes extremely important hence we need to use our strong understanding of the Malay Culture and recent trends to break through the clutter and stand out among the market.
We created a theme around strengthening ties, Mari-Mari Erat. Then we tapped into a Malay Insight, their obsession with comedy and one of the most celebrated current trends was #pikatline, which grew into a phenomenon. Riding on this trend we have created a short comedy film to launch our Mari-Mari Erat festive promotion. We demonstrated how Ayat Siapa Lagi Power through a PikatLine battle between Hafiz, the Nerd, and Rayyan, the typical Jock, making the Raya celebration really "kecoh" together. Clever used of product placement during key scenes help increase top-of-mind of our brand amongst our audiences. Not to mention, festive celebration should fill with tons of laughter.