FOREFRONT Mooncake Gift Set
5. Design Kancils [5.8 Packaging Design]

Mooncake Gift Set
FOREFRONT International
To increase awareness of the FOREFRONT brand and our F&B endeavours, we saw Mid-Autumn Festival as an opportunity to produce our own custom-flavoured mooncake gift sets. The perfect Mid-Autumn Festival gift had to distinguish itself from the large range of premium and artisanal mooncake varieties already available in the market.
Carrying a strong identity of our Asian fusion resto-bar, Forebidden, the FOREFRONT mooncake gift set is designed to be a reminder of one of life's precious gifts (礼, lǐ), and cherished moments when reunited with friends and family (合, hé). A koi (鯉, lǐ) and a crane (鹤, hè) – intentional puns of 礼合 - also frame the elements of the packaging design, and are delicately carved onto the mooncakes, acting as symbols of strength, longevity, and good fortune. The mooncake flavours, such as Lava Golden Buttermilk and Hojicha Almond Nut, are representative of some of our F&B menu offerings. We also wished to recreate festival traditions by having the outer box double as a DIY paper lantern, complete with complementary tea candles.