Belief Creates
9. Craft Kancils [9.12b Art Direction: Campaign]

Industry Governing Body (Advertising)
Incite curiosity and interest for the Kancil Festival.
With the intention of generating the feel of a creative buzz that would draw participation, we gave the event an identity that closely resembles a movie festival. This was further emphasised with RexKL being the choice for the venue. So, a series of 'movie posters' were created across all genres, featuring the Kancil as the protagonist. As the Kancil is often portrait as a meek and nimble, yet quick-witted character in Malaysian folklore, it was the perfect icon for our blockbuster posters. Carrying the theme "Belief Creates", the Kancil representations communicated the concept of belief being the catalyst that drives ambition, and pushes the spirit of creativity to go beyond boundaries. This was the key principle depicted in each of the movie posters.