Ford Ranger VR Crash Test
9. Craft Kancils [9.18 User Experience & Journey Design]

Ford Ranger
Sime Darby Auto ConneXion Sdn Bhd
We need to strap in the car showroom walk-ins and involve them in a virtual car crash and provide drivers a memorable experience and top-of-mind recall on key safety features.
Developing an effective VR experience requires replicating reality. The experience must be multi-sensory (excite the senses) - user given the freedom to move and interact with the environment. The challenge, when giving the user freedom of movement, is creating an authentic crash scenario that's unavoidable. If the driver sees a crash coming, the solution is simply to hit the brakes, negating the value of the car's safety features. With the newly released Oculus Go, we orchestrated a sequence of events with visual and spatial audio cues that dictated the driver's actions. We distracted the driver, and when his focus was back on the road - CRASH.