Stay Together, Stay Setia
1. Film & Branded Content Kancils [1.12 Creative Effectiveness: Film & Branded Content]

Festive Film
SP Setia
Create a new positioning, through festive films, that could help Setia differentiate themselves from the competition.
A multi-year long campaign that told the story of the hidden values behind everyday ubiquitous objects. We gave meaning to inanimate items and weaved tales that were all rooted in one single value: togetherness. It was a value that was literally in their name, a value that could be no other but Setia. Our line? Stay Together. Stay Setia. For 4 festives, we told the stories that positioned Setia as a developer of heart, an organisation that appreciated good-old fashioned values, a brand that wasn't just about putting brick and mortar together, but one that understood the true value of a home.