Bridgestone #RentakMalaysia
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Bridgestone Tyre Malaysia
Customers don't think about tyres unless they have to. Bridgestone Tyre Malaysia wanted to cut through the clutter of other tyre brands and their very similar brand propositions, in order to be top of mind amongst mass urban, digital-savvy consumers.
We decided to drive a clear brand positioning for Bridgestone and get people talking about it. So we embarked on an all-year social media movement called #RentakMalaysia - celebrating the uniqueness of Malaysia and Malaysian road conditions - as a way in to highlight how Bridgestone tyres were designed for these local conditions. We worked with influencers to release content themed around Malaysian experiences, the most prominent of whom was Rhys Williams - a Brit living in Malaysia. He hosts a food travelogue on his Destinasi TV platform - in perfectly fluent Bahasa Malaysia. The universal appeal of his subject matter and himself as somewhat of a novelty, made him a great choice for our audience. With Bridgestone tyres, he took road trips to explore street food around the east coast in a series of eight videos. A natural fit for the brand and the campaign. The appeal of the videos was reflected in the high number of organic, non-sponsored views and engagement (shares and comments).