KFC Zinger Double Down: Be Good
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.9 Best digital-led integrated campaign]

KFC Zinger Double Down
KFC Malaysia
KFC Malaysia needs to launch their most sinful burger, KFC Zinger Double Down. It's meat on meat on meat. However, healthy living has never been more popular in Malaysia. How can we make an indulgent burger like KFC Zinger Double Down appealing when healthy living is on the rise?
We did what no fast food brand has dared to in the region. KFC encouraged people to exercise and eat healthy. We targeted those who subscribe to healthy living and turned our ads into motivation to cheer them on. We hijacked top trending searches of exercise and clean eating through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Our GDN banners also appeared strategically on websites they visit. We even aired contextual audio ads that played on national radio and specific Spotify playlists like Fitness Enthusiasts, Runners and Health Living. Then we launched pre-rolls and a series of relatable webfilms on social media. All our communications reminded them to be good, so that they can have the ultimate reward - the KFC Zinger Double Down. Health trends are good. We just gave it purpose.