Pigxels by Naga DDB Tribal
5. Design Kancils [5.11 Best use of Cultural Insights in Design]

Naga DDB Tribal
Every 12 years, we celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Pig. In Malaysia the pig is considered a taboo to some. They cause so much ruckus, it almost feels like we're on the verge of racial riot. So how? Marketers welcome the Year of the Pig without using the pig. Happy now? No. Now other communities are offended.
As an ad agency that's known for being insightful on all things local and cultural, we saw an opportunity to turn this cultural stigma into a self-promo. We created a stock image library of self-censored pigs and called it Pigxels. With over 200 free JPigs and MPigs (see what we did there), everyone can use an image of the pig without using the image of the pig.