Ombak: Water Made the Malaysian Way
5. Design Kancils [5.11 Best use of Cultural Insights in Design]

Water purifier
In 2018, Coway launched a new water purifier...the first of its products ever made specifically for a Malaysian audience. Named 'Ombak', the machine's incredible variety of customisable settings catered to Malaysia's uniquely diverse consumption habits.In an already saturated market, with aggressive competitors advertising better promotions, service and variety of products, Coway had to retain loyalty by showing how it truly understood its users -beyond just product and price point, but down to the heart of what makes a household tick. The intimate journey of water through daily life, and what it means to different family members.
A uniquely Malaysian story of waterIn a category that talks only hot or cold, Ombak shows the journey of water in its different permutations, as felt through the POV of someone narrating a day in the life of her household. The slightly poetic VO, coupled with an infinity-zoom visual drawing in the eye, creates a strikingly intimate effect when compared to other ads in the market. The art direction and execution was purposefully chosen to create a very tactile and therefore 'down to earth' look. While other products impressed with digital wizardry to show off various high-tech functions, we went with the art of paper - its creation and animation combining digital and manual methods.