Maxis Deria Takbir
9. Craft Kancils [9.18 User Experience & Journey Design]

Maxis Raya 2019
To enable as many possible of more than 44,000* deaf Malaysians, by using the latest technology, an emotional involvement in experiencing the Takbir Raya for the first time ever. So they can get involved and participate in the most symbolic call to prayer that declares the joy of celebrating Hari Raya Puasa, like never before. *Registered deaf individual as according to Malaysian Federation of the Deaf, 2019.
Research studies show that multisensory experiences evoke deep emotional responses. For Deria Takbir, audio spectral analysis is essential in converting the live delivery of the Takbir in real-time into Haptic Feedback, which the user can feel, Cymatics Visuals*, which they can see, and Synchronised Verses to read out loud. The app elicited a strong emotional response from the mobile application user, user's parents and the Muslim congregation too. *Cymatics' refers to the phenomenon of soundwaves appearing in physical nature. The cymatic visuals generated by the Deria Takbir app is based on how water responds to vibrational waves generated by the Takbir delivery.