Finger Puppets
7. Direct Kancils [7.5 Best use of data in direct marketing]

Property - Bandar Sri Sendayan
BSS Development Sdn Bhd
Being in the property business, cold calling or follow-up calls are part of the sale process. However, nobody really likes the idea of getting texts or calls from property agents. As potential buyers rather decide within their own time, and not deal with pushy property agents. However if left without any communication, other competitors are also approaching them. The clients needed to stay on top of the clients' minds, and included as the main option throughout the decision-making process.
After the potential buyers' first visit, a series of mobile clips featuring fingers are sent to them. The fingers represent a relationship between the buyers and the developers, with light messages to accompany the clips. The aim was to get the potential buyers to begin looking forward to incoming messages from the agents. Then further develop the relationship between the property agents and potential buyers. In return, the development will continue to stay on top of the clients' minds.