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Airline Loyalty Program
AirAsia BIG Loyalty
AirAsia BIG has always been known as AirAsia's loyalty programme where members get to earn BIG Points with AirAsia flight booking and redeem AirAsia seats with BIG Points. In an effort to drive more point issuance (which translates to revenue for us from sales of BIG Points to points issuance partners), we needed to educate BIG Members to look beyond AirAsia's ecosystem, and earn BIG Points from our over 200 other points issuance partners across travel, lifestyle and financial services categories. We needed to find an engaging way to educate people about other ways to earn so they can earn BIG Points faster and redeem free flights sooner.
We launched the "816 BIG World" campaign website ( on August 16; 816 is chosen because it resembles the word BIG - 8=B, 1=I, 6=G), featuring a virtual world made up of all 200+ of our partners' 'buildings'. Each building is uniquely designed to represent each partner. Educate - Users are incentivised to 'check-in' to each and every building in the 816 BIG World to find out how they can earn points from these partners. Successful check-ins to all buildings earned users 50 BIG Points. Engage - To generate more talkability and shareability, we ran a UGC hashtag contest concurrently ie upload #EarnBIGLiveBIG pictures on Instagram and stand a chance to win 1-year free flights. All UGC contents were uploaded on the campaign website for people to vote and share. Each upload, vote or share earned users BIG Points and this further amplified the campaign. Convert - To drive actual points earning activities at our partners', we topped up extra 50% bonus