Maxis Deria Takbir
9. Craft Kancils [9.19 Interaction & Digital Motion Design]

Maxis Raya 2019
To enable as many possible of more than 44,000* deaf Malaysians, by using the latest technology, an emotional involvement in experiencing the Takbir Raya for the first time ever. So they can get involved and participate in the most symbolic cal l to prayer that declares the joy of celebrating Hari Raya Puasa, like never before. *Registered deaf individual as according to Malaysian Federation of the Deaf, 2019.
Haptic Feedback, Cymatic Visuals and Synchronised Verses were obtained through the app's interaction with the environment - in this instance, sound waves from the Takbir delivery. For audio to visual conversion, rather than use a typical audio visualiser, the visuals are based on how sound from the environment interacts with water in real-life, i.e. Water Cymatics. An experimental setup was designed, where countless hours were spent establishing the parameters, e.g. water dish geometry, liquid viscosity, etc. that gave the most astounding visuals, and the mapping of different sounds to these corresponding visuals. The visuals and audio mapping was then programmed in the app, resulting in interactive cymatic visuals that interacted directly with sound picked up by the microphone during live Takbir delivery.