The Sleep Mode Takeover
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Sleep Disorder Society Malaysia
Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder with little to no awareness among Malaysians. Many do not know what it is, much less the dangers it poses. How could we raise awareness of this disorder and make Malaysians take its implications seriously?
To make Malaysians pay attention and understand how disruptive sleep apnea could be, together with the Sleep Disorder Society Malaysia, we made them experience unwanted and unexpected interruption in their daily routine where over 20 million Malaysians can be found daily - on Facebook and Instagram. We deployed ads on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories to trigger a "sleep mode" while people were going through their social media feeds. Just as they got caught off-guard, we hit them with hard facts about the dangers of sleep apnea. The end message was clear: if being interrupted while you're browsing your social media feeds is disruptive, imagine if you stopped breathing in your sleep repeatedly every night, or if you fell asleep while you were in potentially dangerous situations.