Turning 171 Million Impressions into 171 Million Page Views
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.4 Best use of online advertising]

BMW Malaysia
BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd
"What is the campaign landing URL?" that has been the school of thought for all digital advertisers, with traffic to site being one of the key metrics agencies are graded on. It is not uncommon to see 0.1% CTRs, 90% bounce rates and sub. 10 second time spend. How can we drive digital performance with industry statistics like that?
We flipped the consumer journey funnel around: Moving from a classic Impressions > Clicks > Page Views TO Page Views > Clicks > Brand Impressions. Through site heat mapping, we identified 6 key areas that a potential customer goes to the site for, Product, Pricing, Financial Options, Maintenance, Product Updates and Dealerships. We then brought these key features upfront in all forms of communication, effectively converting all ad impressions into page views.