Programmatic Periodic Table - From Women to Woo Men!
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.5 Data-enhanced creativity]

Vinda Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Periods have perennially been a stigma for women. Discussions about periods have been taboo. The challenge was to neutralize the key carriers and sometimes involuntary propagators of this stigma: conversations involving males. We needed to drive higher awareness and acceptability among males in conversation, about periods.
We took the challenge head on by initiating positive conversations about periods with men. A character named "Get Real Bro" explained how periods work, from a guy's point of view. Using Social listening and browser tracking, we listened to 10,000+ conversations and created 50+ high consumption categories where male audience participation is the highest. Keeping the core audience "females" into consideration as well. These conversations were then tactically targeted and hijacked contextually, to drive home REAL awareness about periods.