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8. Brand Experience & Activation Kancils [8.3 Best use of events & live experiences]

Infant Nutrition
Wyeth Nutrition
Wyeth Nutrition is a legacy brand - one where your parents would have grown up knowing. Come today, the brand maintains its premium imagery with high scientific backing, but how do we recruit new users and be relevant to a growing pool of young, millennial parents? In May 2019 S-26 GOLD PROGRESS & S-26 GOLD PROMISE launched a new, breakthrough formula with αlipids™ to strengthen its position and imagery in the premium segment.
INSIGHT: In terms of tactics, S-26 GOLD PROGRESS & S-26 GOLD PROMISE as a brand is used to activations using technology - that communicate modernity, innovation and premiumness. However, there is increasing acknowledgement in today's society that we are all spending too much 'creen-time' on our mobile-phone/ tablet screens. What was proposed and executed upon was a more 'balanced' activation, designed to include both technology, as well as 'traditional' physical games that still have a wow-factor. ACTIVATION IDEA: Connect the Thoughts - Exceptional Playschool 'Connect the Thoughts' is a wordplay on the classic activity of 'Connect the Dots'. The idea ties back to the key product USP of αlipids™, that helps support fast and efficient connections in the brain.