Deria Takbir
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.2 Best use of mobile & wearable platforms]

Hearing the Takbir is a moving experience for Muslims around the world. The chant declares the joy of celebration and gratefulness of having completed the fasting month. And yet, to the deaf, it's just silence. So this Raya, instead of just telling another festive story, Maxis wanted to demonstrate its belief: when people are at the heart of technology, no one gets left behind.
Is there another way to experience sound? As it turned out, the touch and sight senses are heightened for the deaf. Armed with that insight, we worked closely with the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf to develop an app called Deria Takbir. By converting the Takbir's soundwaves into vibrations, cymatics, and translations, the app enriches the sight and touch senses of the deaf for them to feel the closest thing to the beautiful sound of Takbir. Because at the end of the day, technology is only meaningful when it empowers everyone.