1 Opportunity. 1 Post. 1 Record-Breaking Weekend! Bring your friends to Endabyu!
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.12 Creative Effectiveness: Digital Experience]

A&W Malaysia
A&W Malaysia Sdn Bhd
A&W who? A brand that has been constantly overshadowed by quick service restaurants looking to make a comeback. It would have been easy to take the hate route since hate is so popular on social through inter-brand wars - putting down others, making ad hominem attacks being most likely to provoke response - but we chose to avoid this populist move. Opportunity With the creation of 'Mekdi', a Malaysianised nickname for McDonalds, came a wave of content featuring Endabyu, the A&W analogue often shown as the underdog, never cool enough to join the bigger boys like Mekdi and Kepci. Essentially, being mocked, bullied and hated. We weren't about to play that game. Though, this was an opportunity to make a stand and re-invigorate the brand.
Food has always brought people together be it #RendangGate or the furore over Netflix not showcasing Malaysian Street Food. Then why should we divide when food unites? We decided to Create Love through Love instead of Love through Hate! One Opportunity: We decided to embrace 'Endabyu. In conjunction with Hari Kebangsaan, and use our underdog reputation as an opportunity to share the love One post: Featuring clearly recognizable Mekdi and Kepci mascots riding a tandem bike, en route to visit their friend Endabyu - and a simple message to invite Malaysians to put aside their differences and bring their friends for free A&W RBs at their nearest outlets. One Record-Breaking Weekend It led to a record-breaking weekend with 200 times Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and 480 times Media ROI in PR Value