Visual Puns - Changing the rules of engagement on a taboo topic!
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Vinda Malaysia Sdn Bhd
There was enough awareness about sanitary pads but.. Conversation around Periods continued to remain a taboo. How do we get women to engage with a topic that they are reluctant to talk about? How do we navigate a taboo topic with cultural sensitivities on social media?
According to studies done by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 'Irrational' taboos and irrelevant 'traditions' 2019 and Associate Professor Sharon Bong of Gender and Religious studies at Monash University, the imagery and associations such as red, bloody, dirty, unclean, shame and disgusting were the core obstacles in creating a conversation around Periods. The main obstacles were related to imagery and associations rather than conversation, so, we decided we won't talk about it but instead create a new visual expression that tackles the source (imagery and associations) of the taboo and alters their visual mindset towards periods. The idea Introducing Visual puns A new way of showing periods with double meaning. Visual puns are usually done with food, coffee art and alcohol but we took a leap of faith by being the only sanitary brand globally to create visual puns. We took references from pop-culture such as movies, cats, Game of Thrones etc to make the content