Kotex She Can
7. Direct Kancils [7.8 Best direct-led integrated campaign]

Feminine Hygiene
Kimberly-Clark Malaysia
Societal prejudice, taboos and stigmas around menstruation are rampant even today. Culture has forced the category to treat periods as a liability. Something that women need to be protected from and keep hidden. Kotex believes 'period or not, she can'. We needed to galvanise young Malaysian women to fight the taboo in a relatable and empowering way, making them confident enough to go ahead and achieve their goals.
We launched Kotex #SheCan - a women's movement to engage and empower young girls to pursue their passions. We deployed a multi-channel mix that highlighted real women sharing real stories. Further, we launched the Kotex #SheCan Fund. A period-positive platform created to nudge and support women towards achieving their potential. The campaign saw participation from universities across the country, marking it the highest performing campaign for the brand till date. Funds were distributed to girls to go after their dreams, with guidance and counselling from their idols. Even the Government applauded the efforts and wanted to collaborate.