MILO Fuel Your Will
6. Digital Experience Kancils [6.9 Best digital-led integrated campaign]

Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Over the years, Milo has lost its brand relevance amongst the young adults as they are presented with other beverage options and lifestyle influences. With the target audience being a generation that values experiences, Milo had to re-invent its thinking, re-craft the messaging and re-route its method of delivery. The brand needed to re-connect and understand them on an individual level, while positioning the brand as the enabler to them achieving their lifestyle goals.
To capture the audience's attention, we created more than 50 disruptive videos on 5 different platforms tailored to the audience. We used the platform's native features, under the umbrella theme of #FuelYourWill - a rallying call for young adults with big dreams. They remind young adults to go further and keep nourishing themselves with MILO as they pursue new experiences and life goals. Each video's purpose was to drive awareness, and to gain maximum reach, especially during relevant moments. In the end, we showcased best digital and social practices that not only fuelled the audience's wills, but increased brand relevance.