KFC Raya Selamba
2. Audio Kancils [2.2a Best use of branded audio content: Single]

KFC Malaysia
In 2019, KFC was steadily losing the youth segment despite having many product innovations. KFC's strong association as a family destination made the brand uncool in the eyes of the Malaysian youth. The brand was in need of repositioning and Raya was the perfect platform to recapture the youth segment.
We captured the hearts of Malaysian youth by using the things they love most: Food, Music & Technology. Using the Makey-Makey, a gadget that turns objects into musical instruments, we partnered with The Venopian Solitude, a local band popular with the Malaysian youth, to turn KFC food into catchy Raya music. Using these three ingredients, we created a song with a unique narrative about having a carefree Raya. A colourful video clip was shot to showcase the song, the tech and our renewed brand persona.