11 Finger Lickin Good Goods
8. Brand Experience & Activation Kancils [8.1 Best use of brand experience & activation (non-digital)]

KFC Malaysia
KFC has called Malaysia home for 46 years. The brand's heritage is uncontested by any of its competitors. To most Malaysians, KFC means something to them. But to the youth, KFC is seen as an old brand. How do we make the youth of Malaysia feel proud to associate themselves with KFC?
In celebration of Malaysia Day, KFC turns its heritage into a fashion statement. KFC collaborated with homegrown streetwear brand, Pestle & Mortar Clothing to create 11 Finger Lickin' Good Goods - a collection that celebrates the collision of culture between KFC and Malaysia. For the launch, we served it the KFC way. We took over the Pestle & Mortar Clothing store and turned it into a KFC restaurant. Even the packaging was recreated and redesigned. We took the classic KFC packaging and gave it new function - to take home fashion like you would food. We localised the designs - putting Colonel Sanders in traditional getup and featuring our tagline in the main languages in Malaysia to reflect our diverse culture. We even lined the boxes with grease paper to stay true to the KFC restaurant ritual.