Spring Awakening
9. Craft Kancils [9.5a Animation: Single]

Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Mo�t Hennessy Diageo Malaysia (MHDM) engaged M&C Saatchi Malaysia to create a festive Chinese New Year video for their social media platforms. It is crucial that the video embodies the brand philosophy that their beverages bring people together and are the reason for any celebration. Hence, for 2018 the video must carry the theme of friendship and reunion, as well as showcase MHDM's products as the drinks of choice for joyous celebrations. The video must also be creative video and able to cut through the clutter of CNY tear-jerkers.
Armed with a savoir faire befitting of MHDM, we created 'Spring Awakening', an original festive tale of how great friends can overcome anything together. 'Spring Awakening' tells the story of the The Hound who successfully ends a long winter with the help of his Zodiac friends. It is a modern parable of teamwork, resilience and ingenuity. To reflect the craft and artistry that go into making every MHDM's bottle, we looked to Chinese mythology and the exquisite art of paper cutting as a way to bring our tale to life. An animated festive video also gave us the advantage of standing out among the many live-action festive films. By giving well-known Zodiac characters a modern twist, we were able to successfully connect to our target Chinese audience too. More than just a festive film, 'Spring Awakening' is a study of storytelling, cultural nostalgia and artistic flair, while creatively conveying the core message that MHDM's beverages will always remain the cho