#ICan - Create
9. Craft Kancils [9.1a Film Direction: Single]

Network (Brand)
Celcom Axiata Berhad
The Celcom Network had an image problem. Thanks to service issues, disgruntled customers and weak branding, Celcom was perceived to be an inferior network. Even if Celcom had already resolved a lot of problems, there was little love or trust for the brand. Our job was to change this. How could we get people to start believing in the Celcom Network and earn brand love?
We created the idea of a network that empowers people all over Malaysia. We wanted to show that even in remote areas, the Celcom 4G Network has the power to help regular people with their problems, dreams and aspirations. It is the brand that takes Malaysians from I CAN'T, to I CAN. Then we made a series of films to deliver the message. Films that focused on real people with very human problems. I CAN CREATE tells the story of a gifted toymaker from Sabah struggling with success. Throughout the boy's challenges, we are able to establish Celcom's new role as a network that empowers. While he's perfecting designs, selling off his work on the Internet, or while his mother purchases his toy, the network is always there, helping our struggling artist struggle a little less. The ending is as sweet as the spot's soundtrack, and resonated very well with our audience. Less than two months after launch, the film is at 2 .2 million views on YouTube and 1.2 million views on Face