9. Craft Kancils [9.8a Art Direction: Single]

Music / Entertainment
Cooler Lumpur Sdn Bhd
How can we bring attention to local classic albums at a time when people are focusing on foreign vinyls, allowing them to be collected by young music collectors (aged 21-45 years) in Malaysia?
Introducing re:cover, a design project that gave classic Malaysian albums a modern and current look - thus making it cool among the young music collectors. For P. Ramlee’s album design, we wanted to bring out the glitz and glamour he is often associated with. To do this, we chose a reflective material to represent him being constantly in the limelight. A double quaver represented his signature moustache and love for music. Finally, we kept the illustration simple, and used a monochromatic colour scheme as an homage to his movies and concert footages, which were in black and white. The re:cover project was endorsed by the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM).